Toy - Fringe Valentines Hedge-Hugs & Kisses 3pcs



Your dog “quill” love these adorable and lovable hedgehog plushies! The Fringe Studio Hedge-Hugs & Kisses 3-Piece Dog Toy Set features three soft and fluffy hedgehogs covered in faux fur and stuffed for plush and gentle play. Each hedgehog has their own Valentine’s Day themed design and has a single loud squeaker inside for added entertainment.


  • Cuddly and soft miniature hedgehog plush toy set for dogs - fun and lovable Valentine’s Day theme/designs
  • Features 3 adorable hedgehogs covered in faux fur for added texture for your dog to enjoy
  • A loud squeaker inside each hedgehog for extra entertainment for your pet
  • Soft and fluffy toys for gentle play and bedtime cuddles
  • Great to use with hide-and-seek dog toys and for multi-pet homes

Set Includes: 3 Small Plush Hedgehogs (different designs/colours)

Dimensions: Approximately 12.5cm x 10cm