General Information

Where is your store?
We have three locations (sometimes four)! 
Open 7 days a week, the pet store and bakery was established in December 2007 at 5111 Bowness Road NW.  In addition to our treats, you'll find a great selection of natural foods (raw, dehydrated & dry), supplements, and accessories.
You can also find us at The Calgary Farmers' Market ( year round every Thursday-Sunday from 9am-5pm.
Bon A-Pet-Treat! is also often out and about supporting local charities and festivals around the city of Calgary.  We can also be found in the summer down @ River Park when weather is nice!

What makes Bon A-Pet-Treat so different?
We know that there are hundreds of different treats you can give your pet.  What makes a Bon-A-Pet-Treat! product different from the other prepackaged, mass produced treats is that EVERY item is wheat, corn, soy and by-product free, ensuring that your dog gets the best and healthiest treat.  Our recipes are handmade from scratch in our very own in-house bakery.  We truly care about your pet because we also have pets of our own.
Our goal is to ensure that your pet is both happy and healthy - we do not add any preservatives or artificial flavours to our products. For example, our peanut butter is made from nothing but natural, roasted peanuts and our ingredients are sourced locally when possible.  You'll know exactly what we use in each product.  Each of our ingredients has been carefully researched to ensure that only the best is used in our bakery.  Not only are our ingredients veterinarian-approved, but we have also put them through the scrutiny of several animal nutritionists!
So yes, because we don't use preservatives, all of our products are perishable. They are baked in small batches to guarantee that you are getting the best quality of biscuits at any given time. You can rest assured that you are feeding your pet something natural - no chemicals added! Wouldn't you rather have it that way? We sure would! 

What if my pet is picky?
Like people, pets have different tastes in food.   What may be delicious to one pet may not be so appetizing to another. At Bon A-Pet-Treat!, we do our best to meet the demand of every pet. For instance, we have a special grain free line to meet the needs of dogs with certain allergies with a wide variety of flavours.

How long are the products good for?
Storage instructions are listed on each item, however, the simple answer - treat it like human food! How long do you keep freshly baked cookies for?  Our soft treats can be kept at room temperature for a day, otherwise we recommend it go in the freezer.   The refrigerator tends to dry out the softer treats and makes them hard, while the freezer keeps them nice and moist.  Our hard biscuits will last much longer (~ 1 year) since the moisture has been drawn out of them but it is still recommended that they are kept in a cool, dry place.  When in doubt, just pop them in the freezer!  But let's be honest...your pet will devour these treats long before you get a chance to freeze them! 

How much should I feed my pet?
This is very important, so listen up!   Proportioning is essential.  We run into the problem of having obese cats/dogs nowadays and we have no intention of adding to that population. Although there is no added fat in our products, we must still be cautious not to overfeed our pets.  How would you feel after eating a 10-pound steak or a 3-pound chocolate cake all in one sitting?  I'm betting not so good!  Let's face it, most dogs will eat an entire bag of treats if given the opportunity.   So please don't feed your 2 pound Chihuahua an entire slice of carrot cake - they won't be 2 pounds after that!  Basic rule - treats are not meant to be meal replacements.  Please treat a treat - like a treat!

How do I know what my pet will like? 
You won't know until you try.   But we have found that picky pets like the softer treats broken up into small pieces. The softer treats strongly mimics human food and it is the closest thing to human food you can give, minus the fat, salt and sugar.  We also offer a variety pack filled with a mix of all our flavours, so you'll know which ones they'll really like for next time!

I can't believe it's not chocolate!
Trust me, it's not - we've tasted it! The term "death by chocolate" holds very true for our furry friends because of the lethal theobromine in chocolate.  We use a cocoa substitute known as carob.  Carob is not only edible for pets, but is rich in protein and calcium.  It also contains vitamin A, B and D vitamins, and several important minerals.  Carob is also known to help with diarrhea in both humans and animals.

Do you have cat products?
YES! In addition to our home made cat treats, we also carry natural foods, kitty litter, toys, and accessories.  Oh yeah, and fresh cat grass, catnip, catmint, silvervine and honeysuckle! Tons to choose from!

Do you have apparel (jackets, hoodies, sweaters, booties, etc)?
YES, but only through our website (for now).  We have very limited space in our stores, so for everyone's social distancing safety it can only be found online.  We are happy to answer any questions you have for sizing, patterns, exchanges etc. Please email us at  Exchanges can be done in person or the item can be shipped back to our Bowness location.  Merchandise must have original tags and in unused condition.  Sorry exchanges cannot be made through our delivery service.

Order time
We will respond to all emails or voice messages within a 48 hour period (if not, please try again - we might have not received it.  Although fantastic, technology is not always reliable) We will try to fulfill your request as quickly as possible.  We know how impatient pets can be when it comes to food!

Methods of Payment
We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. All custom orders must be prepaid.  Sorry, we do not accept cheques.

I am part of a non-profit organization and was wondering about donations? 
We would love to help, but there is a small administrative catch . Simply download our Donation Request form and email it to us at requesting a donation form.  Please submit your forms early - we require 60 days notice! 

Did we miss something?
If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at or call us at Bowness:(403) 286-7389 or at Britannia:(403) 455-7389 anytime!