Frequent Buyer Program - Astro

There's an app for that! With the Astro Loyalty program you can see all of your open frequent buyer program cards, and browse all of the other great offers and promotions currently available at our store. This way you can keep an eye on your next FREE PRODUCT!


How do I get the app?


You can download the free app from the App Store of from Google Play or search for the “Astro Loyalty Consumer App”.


The first time you open your app you will need to select Get Started to setup a new account. The app will guide you through the steps to do this. You will be asked to enter your email address that is registered at Bon A-Pet-Treat!. If you haven't signed up with your email, give us a call (Bowness 403.286.7389 | Britannia 403.455.7389) or add it to your account the next time you're in the store. The app will send you an email with a link to setup your password. Once you have your password set, you can return to the app and login. All your rewards programs will be available to you on your dashboard!


What products are included in Astro Loyalty offers?

 All dog & cat kibble - Buy 12, get 1 free

Big Country Raw - Buy 12, get 1 free

Carna4 - Buy 12, get 1 free

Earth Rated 120 poop bag rolls and wipes - Buy 12, get 1 free

Go! and Now tetra packs - Buy 12, get 1 free

K9 Natural freeze dried - Buy 12, get 1 free

Okocat plant-based littler - Buy 6, get 1 free

Open Farm freeze dried & supplements - Buy 12, get 1 free

Primal - Buy 12, get 1 free

Skout's Honor - Buy 10, get 1 free

Smack - Buy 8, get 1 free

Sojos - Buy 10, get 1 free

Stella & Chewy's - Buy 10, get 1 free

sWheat Scoop litter - Buy 12, get 1 free

Zeal - Buy 11, get 1 free


See what promos are currently active at Bon A-Pet-Treat! on the app! They will change as we add new products to our offerings. 

You'll also never miss out when you buy online! Those bags will be tracked for you and added to your account!