Tom&Sawyer Gently Cooked Coconut Chicken Recipe



Creamy coconut, tender chicken, carrot and spinach on a bed of rice — we’ve taken Thai take-out and made it dog-friendly. Infused with turmeric, it’s anti-inflammatory and low-fat friendly for pups with pancreatitis. 


  • We use ultra-lean chicken in this low-fat recipe. It has been designed to be under 25 grams of fat / 1000kcal, a suitable level for dogs with pancreatitis.
  • Rice provides important carbohydrates while being a great gluten-free option for dogs with gluten sensitivities.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants that are great for skin and coat health, kidney, liver and cognitive function, disease prevention, and cancer-fighting properties.

Ingredients: Chicken breast meat, white rice, carrots, spinach, coconut milk (water, coconut flesh extract), hemp seed oil, turmeric, supplement blend

Feeding Guide:

Available in:

  • 454 g vacuum sealed package