Puppy Polisher Toothbrush



The ultimate softness for your pup! This toothbrush is made from a 60% wheat straw upcycled bioplastic. It has over 10,000+ silky bristles to provide the deepest cleaning action while yet gentle on your dogs sensitive gums.

This brush comes in a breathable container for easy and clean storage. 

Most dog toothbrushes are hard and rigid, making the brushing process painful and difficult. Our Puppy Polisher brush makes the process painless yet effective in plaque and debris removal due to the ultra fine PBT bristles. Our injection molding process fuses bristles to our brush head, eliminating extra space where bacteria can hide and grow. This extra space is commonly found in conventional dog toothbrush construction.

PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) polymer bristles absorb less water than conventional nylon bristles hindering bacteria growth. Puppy Polisher brushes are always BPA free and come in an off white color. Brushes are treated with UV for sanitation.

Care instructions: Wash your Puppy Polisher toothbrush after every use. Dry thoroughly. Pat dry if necessary.  Ensure brush is fully dry before storing. 

Made with international parts, designed and assembled in Canada.

Available in:

  • Pearl (XS/S)
  • Mini (S/M)
  • Regular (M/L)