Furever Pure Lamb Feet 3 pk



Is your pup looking for the perfect snack? Look no further! Our 100% pure lamb feet are exactly what your dog needs. We know that every pup loves a fun and tasty treat, so why not let them indulge in our delicious Lamb Feet? With no preservatives or added ingredients, these natural treats are sure to be a hit for your furry friend. And you'll love seeing the joy on their face.

Our Lamb Feet aren't just delicious - they're also great for your pet's health. High in protein and vitamins, these yummy treats will keep your pup happy and healthy all at once! They're sure to provide hours of fun during playtime as well. So give your pup the gift of deliciousness with our Lamb Feet and watch them jump around with joy!

Always make sure to select an appropriately sized chew for your dig’s size and chewing style, and supervise your pet while they enjoy this item.
Ingredients: Lamb feet
Available in:
  • 3 pcs/bag