Goo-Eez Boots Black 4 pack



Goo-eez All Season All Terrain Dog Boots: the ultimate performing boot.

Made of 3 layers of high-performance technical materials. 

Our patented technology form-fitting gel acts as a glove on paws for extreme comfort, our waived rib fabric stretches up to 3 times its size and guarantees better mobility and the rubber anti-skid sole provides superior shock absorption and protection from harsh soils and debris.

Goo-eez All-Season, All-Terrain dog boots with form-fitting gel patented technology. Our boots expand up to 3 times their normal size, then bounce back into shape. Making it super easy and fast to put on. Just stretch and go! Unlike most boots, Goo-eez stay on, always, due to their form-fitting design and the soft elastomer gel inside the boot which won’t pinch or pull the fur. Goo-eez have a built-in layer of shock absorbing, temperature resistant gel to protect your dog’s paws. Not only will your dog have an extra bounce in their step, your dog will feel like they are walking or running on clouds. Goo-eez are 100% waterproof as well as extreme heat and cold resistant thanks to their inner elastomer gel lining.And since even the hardiest of hounds need pampering, our elastomer gel is infused with aloe to soften their paws with every step.

4 boots per pack. Buy 2 packs to adapt to front and rear paws.