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Surprise Winter Tips for Your Furry Friend!

Dog wearing winter boot and coat!
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Winter in Canada can be harsh, and it's essential to ensure the safety and well-being of our fur-babies during this chilly season. For example, taking your dog for a walk in the winter requires extra precautions to keep them warm, comfortable, and protected. Here are some valuable tips to make winter walks enjoyable and safe for your canine companion.


  1. Bundle Up: Just like us, dogs can feel the cold, especially in extreme temperatures. Consider investing in high-quality dog winter gear such as  Canada Pooch Suspender Boots . These boots provide traction on icy surfaces and protect your dog's paws from snow, ice, and salt.

  1. Protect Their Paws: Snow, ice, and road salt can be harsh on your dog's paws. Use protective balms like  Musher's Secret  to create a barrier between your dog's paw pads and the elements. This will prevent dryness, cracking, and discomfort.

  1. Dress for the Weather: Some dogs are more sensitive to the cold than others. Breeds with short fur or minimal undercoat may benefit from a  doggy sweater or jacket.  Make sure it covers their back and provides extra warmth without restricting movement.

  1. Be Mindful of Frostbite: Dogs are susceptible to frostbite, especially on their ears, paws, and tails. Keep an eye out for signs of frostbite, such as pale or gray skin, and seek veterinary attention if you notice any issues.

  1. Shorten the Walks: In extremely cold weather, consider shortening your dog's walks to minimize their exposure to the cold. More frequent short walks are better than one long walk in freezing temperatures.

  1. Stay Visible: Winter days are shorter, and visibility can be a challenge. Use reflective gear  on your dog's leash, collar, or even their winter coat to make them more visible during walks, especially in low-light conditions. 


Cat & Dog snuggles

During the chilly winter months, your fur babes have to work extra hard to stay warm, leading to an increase in calorie expenditure. Managing your pet's food intake becomes a critical aspect of ensuring their safety in the winter. If your pet is quite active outdoors, consider slightly upping their food portion. The goal is to be able to feel, but not visibly see, your pet's ribs.

However, it's crucial not to use winter as an excuse for your pet to indulge in excessive snacks. Pets that usually enjoy extended outdoor activities may engage in less physical exercise during winter, resulting in a lower calorie burn. Always consult your pet's veterinarian regarding their activity levels and appropriate food portions to ensure they maintain a healthy weight. Stick to a consistent feeding schedule and opt for nutritious add-ons such as  K9 naturals lamb & salmon freeze-dried . It can be used as a topper to their regular meals; with the additional benefits of added omega-3s to their diet.  


The dry and cold weather can take a toll on your pet's skin. To help prevent dry, flaky skin, consider incorporating a  skin and coat supplement into their food. Or a natural moisturizer like  coconut oil  can work wonders in maintaining your pet's skin and coat health. Adding this to their diet can provide essential nutrients for skin hydration and overall well-being.

If you notice specific areas like your pet's paws, ears, or tail becoming dry or cracking, you can also apply  coconut oil  topically as needed. This can offer targeted relief and nourishment to these vulnerable areas. 

Dog & Cat doing a puzzle together

If your furry friend's outdoor routine takes a hit due to the shorter days and freezing temperatures, it's time to introduce some indoor activities that your dog will absolutely love. Try some of these  indoor enrichment toys to ensure your fur children stay entertained and stimulated, even when it's freezing outside. We will dive into enrichment in an upcoming blog post! Enrichment isn't just for winter time!

In short, Albertan winters can be challenging for pet parents. But by following some of these tips & tricks, we can make everyone’s experience more enjoyable while we wait for the three months of warm weather! Keep your pets happy and safe this winter!

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