Baci+ Solutions Probio for Cats



Soothes significant intestinal issues caused by stress (adoption, changes in food or other environmental stressors).

Natural formula effective from the very first use:

  • Fast and effective action in intestinal problems
  • Regulate loose, foul-smelling stools and flatulence
  • Rebalance the intestinal flora and maintain it healthy
  • Help maintain the health of the intestinal flora during environmental stresses (adoption, moving, transportation, antibiotics, and boarding)
  • Minimize problems due to inappropriate diet
  • Help maintain healthy skin and coat and immune system

Administer in the following situations:

  • Weaning
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Diarrhea and loose stool
  • Environmental stress
  • Inappropriate diet
  • Moving, transportation and boarding

Excellent source of:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fibre
  • Probiotics selected specifically for cats, microencapsulated for optimal effectiveness


  • Vegetable oil
  • Dried egg yolk
  • Probiotics (dehydrated cultures of Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  • Mannan-oligosac­charides
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Sodium aluminium silicate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Zeolite

    Guaranteed analysis per gram:

    • Lactic acid-producing bacteria: 50 million CFUs
    • Species-specific Bacillus subtilis: 1 billion CFUs
    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 40 million CFUs
    • Vitamin A: 1,500 IU
    • Vitamin B: 1.5 mg



    Step 1: Give the recommended serving 2 times per day (morning and evening), for 2 days.

    Step 2: On the 3rd day, give the recommended serving once a day, for 3 days.


    Give the recommended serving every day for 5 days (2 days before and 3 days after weaning).

    Recommended serving

    Weight Dose
    < 2,5 kg 0,25 g-0,5 g
    2,6 kg-10 kg 0,6 g-1 g
    > 11 kg 1 g-2 g


    Mix with the cat’s food or apply on their front paws or on the end of their muzzle.



    Simply turn the wheel until you reach the next line, then press the paste out of the tube. Each line represents 1 gram.

    Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

    Adjust the dosage and frequency as needed. If the problem persists or if the animal experiences undesirable effects, discontinue use and consult an animal health specialist or veterinarian.

    All baci+ products are safe to use together, for optimal overall health.

    Available in 15g tube.